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Title: Mass Spectrometry Solutions for Drug Discovery at AbbVie

Speaker: Melanie Patterson  from Abbvie

Abstract: The process of discovering and developing a clinical drug candidate can take 10 or more years.  Mass spectrometry plays an important role in supporting many aspects of a drug candidate’s lifespan at multiple stages along this timeline.  The type of mass spectrometer and experiment required for each stage varies and depends on the specific information needed to advance a candidate towards FDA approval.  This talk will focus on the use of Orbitraps and TOFs to address three important areas within  the Drug Discovery division at AbbVie:  new target discovery, mechanisms of chemical biology tools, and early stage biologics characterization.   Software tools developed internally to support mass spectrometry projects will also be discussed.    Finally, although the work of mass spectrometrists within  the pharmaceutical industry can sometimes be proprietary, opportunities to publish do exist.  Results from AbbVie’s post-doc program and other published stories will be shared.



B.S. Chemistry and Biology, The University of Indianapolis, 1996-2000
Ph.D. Chemistry, Advisor Donald Hunt, The University of Virginia, 2000-2005
Post-doc, Advisor Milan Mrksich, then at The University of Chicago, 2005-2008
Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry, DePaul University, Chicago, IL, 2008-2009
Senior Scientist III, Protein Mass Spectrometry, Discovery Chemistry and Technologies, AbbVie, North Chicago, IL, 2009-current date

Current role:   Managing team of four scientists to identify immunopeptide targets of cancer, uncover novel relationships between degradomers and the MHC processing pathway, and identify novel technologies and methods for determination of microheterogeneity within newly constructed biologic molecules.